Basic function of Fuse

- Feb 02, 2018 -

Electrical Properties: Fuse Series in electronic circuit, the general requirements of its resistance to small (power consumption is small), when the circuit is working properly, it is only equivalent to a wire, can be a long time stable conduction circuit; due to the power supply or external interference, the current fluctuations, should also be able to withstand a certain range of overload Only when there is a large overload current (fault or short-circuit) in the circuit, the fuse will act and protect the safety of the circuit by disconnecting the current.

Security: In the process of breaking the fuse circuit, due to the existence of circuit voltage in the gap between the melt will be arcing, high-quality fuse should be as far as possible to avoid such a flying arc, after the fuse is cut off road, it should be able to withstand the voltage at both ends of the circuit.

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