Brief introduction of High voltage fuse

- Feb 02, 2018 -

Today's social energy crisis and environmental pollution problems are increasing, the country's large area of fog and haze is a wake-up call for people. In the environmental pollution aspect, the automobile influence cannot be neglected. Developing the clean electric vehicle with high efficiency, energy saving and zero emission has become the inevitable trend of the development of automobile industry at home and abroad. In order to improve the power performance and driving mileage of electric vehicles, the electric vehicle power pack has more and more voltage, can reach hundreds of volts, energy can reach dozens of or even hundreds of kwh. Once the power pack is shorted, it will produce a huge amount of energy, the explosion, the risk of fire, and seriously endanger the safety of vehicles and passengers. In order to ensure the safety of on-board electrical appliances and passengers, to prevent the occurrence of short-circuit and overload phenomenon, the general use of fuses to protect.

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