Classification of Fuse Holder

- Feb 02, 2018 -

According to the classification of the installation fuse, it can be divided into the insurance tube seat and the insurance piece seat

According to the fuse size, can be divided into large fuse block, medium fuse holder, small fuse holder

According to material points, can be divided into plastic fuse block, bakelite fuse block

According to environmental protection points, can be divided into environmental protection fuse block, non-environmental protection fuse block

According to the installation method: can be divided into lead-type fuse box and circuit plate fuse block, instrument panel installed fuse block commonly used models have (for the applicable fuse tube size): 5x20mm fuse block, 6x30mm fuse block;

Car fuse holder (suitable for the plug-in model): Small chip fuse block, medium chip fuse block, large chip fuse holder.

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