Fuse Base

- Feb 02, 2018 -

Fuse block refers to the installation of fuses for the seat, fuse block can be divided into: Panel installation fuse block, PCB installation fuse block, lead-type fuse block and car fuse block; Panel mounting fuse holder (used for electrical equipment, such as amplifier, DVD, speaker, massage chair, etc.) Lead-type fuse holder (more for the connection of small household electrical appliances and industrial machinery wiring harness), PCB fuse block (used for small household electrical Appliances Control Board) and fuse holder (used in small household electrical Appliances Control Board). Car fuse seats can be divided into lead-type car fuse block (more cars and industrial machinery wiring harness); The panel installs the car fuse block (more used in automobile electrical appliances, such as car amplifier, car refrigerator, car DVD, etc.) and automobile fuse holder. Fuse Block has a resistance to current, voltage, and fire rating requirements, generally need to pass UL CSA VDE RoHS and other security regulations and the EU certification.

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