Improved structure of fuse base

- Feb 02, 2018 -

An improved structure of a fuse holder, especially a fuse holder with a condition that shows a fuse and does not need to replace its own duplex fuse. It includes: A number of each other connected to each other screw hole and the first guide, each screw hole into a offset snail; a number of each connected with one screw hole and a hole in the second guide body, each screw hole into an offset screw, several electrically connected to the first guide body and the second to the whole body of the composite fuse A base of the first to second guide is provided with a side solid, a cover over the upper cover on the base, and a circuit board which is fixed on the upper cover and is provided with a number of light-emitting components, which forms an electrical connection with the first guide and the whole of the second guide.

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