Low voltage fuse

- Feb 02, 2018 -

Low-voltage distribution system fuse (low-voltage fuse) is a security protection of an electrical appliance, fuses widely used in power grid protection and electrical equipment protection, when the power grid or electrical equipment short-circuit fault or overload, can automatically cut off the circuit, to avoid damage to electrical equipment, prevent the spread of accidents.

A low voltage fuse is a protective device that is mounted on an electrical circuit or electrical equipment back on the road to prevent short circuit and severe overload.

The main component of the fuse is metal melt, made of lead, tin, antimony, zinc, copper and other metals. Molten metal wire-like is called Fuse, commonly known as fuses. The molten piece is made into a flake called a melt.

Due to low melting point, large resistance, small section, when the current through the melt than its rated current, and the same circuit of the wire and electrical equipment, the melting of more heat, broken fast, so as to protect the electrical wiring and electrical equipment.

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