Type of high voltage fuse

- Feb 02, 2018 -

1. English Standard fuse

British fuses are mainly used for equipment produced in Commonwealth countries. British Standard fuse shell using ceramic materials, products with small size, high cost performance characteristics, especially under 240V below the UPS manufacturers favor.

2. American Standard Fuse

American fuses are the most widely used, covering most applications of power electronic products. The American Standard fuse shell is made of melamine mesh and ceramic stacking process, has strong impact resistance, and has the characteristics of small Joule integral value, small power loss and superior DC performance, and is widely used in substations, electric locomotive and other occasions.

3. European-standard fuse

European-standard square fuse shell using ceramic material, the product has low operating temperature, small power loss, Joule integral value of small characteristics, suitable for the requirements of compact structure, superior performance, high-power applications, especially in the manual repair switch (MSD) in a large number of uses.

4. Standard Fuse

The standard fuses have the characteristics of strong cyclic performance, small volume and unique structure, and are suitable for small ups, small AC drives and other small power applications with small space occupancy.

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