3~500KV For Isolating Switches, Load Switches And High-voltage Fuses

- Feb 02, 2018 -

1. For the rated voltage of 3~500kv isolation switch, load switch and high-voltage fuse.

2. Isolation switches, load switches and high-voltage fuses to the site after the inspection, should meet the following requirements:

One, all parts, accessories, spare parts should be complete, no damage deformation and rust.

Second, the porcelain should not crack and breakage.

3. Isolation switch, load switch and high voltage fuse to be transported to the site after the custody, should meet the following requirements:

First, the equipment should be in accordance with their different storage requirements indoor or outdoor flat, no water accumulation of the site.

Second, the equipment and porcelain should be placed in a safe, not dumping damage, contact and operating mechanism of the metal transmission parts should be anti-rust measures.

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