History Of The Development Of Fuses

- Feb 02, 2018 -

The 1880s, Edison applied for the first in the circuit equivalent to a safety valve fuse patent, opened the history of fuse development, fuse application is increasingly widespread, resulting in a number of designs, all walks of life on the fuse has different requirements, resulting in the shape/size/installation Form/material/structure/specifications/characteristics/ Applications such as different varieties (traditional tubular fuses, miniature fuses, SMD fuses, automotive insurance wire, industrial fuses).

The difference of industry development and environmental conditions in the world has produced many differences in different use areas of fuses. These differences, reflected in tubular electronic miniature fuse products, have gradually formed two major systems in North America and Europe. Iec60127-4 General Modular Fuse attemptsto put the two systems into one, taking the first step.

China's fuse industry started in the 1950 's, began to copy all the Soviet Union at that time, a small variety/structure obsolete/test methods lag behind. In the late 70, the domestic work of color TV promoted the development of small fuse industry, and the delay fuse of color TV set began to close to international standards.

China's first small fuse national standard gb9364.-88 equivalent use of the corresponding part of the IEC60127, after the gb9364-97 and 2011 established GB9364.4 is equivalent to the corresponding part of the IEC60127, but the standard 5th, The 9,10 part has not yet been developed

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