Several Problems Faced By China's Fuse Industry At Present

- Feb 02, 2018 -

China's fuse industry has benefited from the take-off of China's economy in recent decades, the rapid development of electronic products, as well as China's own huge market development quickly, the Chinese market has become the world's most important fuse market, in this high-speed development era, fuse manufacturers to face the market competition and industry development challenges? Today we will talk about the current China's fuse industry faced with several problems.

1. Safety Regulation Certification

There are four main areas, the cost of safety certification for fuse manufacturers is the main problem; U.S. products can not be CCC, the U.S. regulation of products in China legitimate use of the issue; UL list and your approved products can legally enter the European market; European countries have a viable channel for the import of us-regulated products.

2, environmental issues, product lead-free

Environmental protection is an unavoidable problem in all industries, fuse industry is no exception, lead-free product is the inevitable trend, which will bring about four impact: A, the impact of the manufacturing process, will change some of the performance of the fuse, product design adjustment, needs to be tested and evaluated; B, re-apply for safety certification issues; C, product cost changes , the cost of change will lead to a series of chain reaction; D, the new material number and the old material number of excessive measures, this test fuse manufacturers management.

3. Market Order

Market price competition is very fierce, the domestic market Long, many fake factories, and even shoddy, resulting in small fuse enterprises in China's bad reputation; the need for China's fuse association organizations to play a greater role in maintaining a good market and safeguarding the benign development of the industry.

4. Technological progress

The rapid development of the market, the requirements of the fuse more functions, which involves the development of new products, product quality, manufacturing technology, experimental technology, creative inventions, scientific research and other inventions, this problem is currently in Shenzhen Tage Electronics to do the best, its laboratory is VDE in China, one of the two accredited laboratories.

5. Technical Standard

China's CCC certification of the current coverage is too small, gb9364.1/.2/.3-97 need to be fixed in time, GB9364.4/10 to revise and improve early, the U.S. regulation of products have no technical standards.

6, User Awareness

Many engineers lack knowledge of fuse products, very little knowledge of its function and parameters, and the difference between other protective elements is not clear, in the accurate selection of fuses is not accurate; many engineers on the protection of the fuse and the necessity of the lack of understanding of the use of counterfeit products under cost pressures, not even, Not conducive to the healthy development of the industry.

7. Globalization

Local/national/national awareness limits the circulation of products and is not conducive to technological development; the harmonization process of Euch is progressing slowly.

8, localization

Technology, management, innovation and lack of vertical and horizontal exchanges, some materials, technology, technology, equipment also need to rely on imports;

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