The Basic Composition Of A Fuse

- Feb 02, 2018 -

The general fuse consists of three parts: one is the melt part, it is the core of the fuse, when the fuse to cut off the role of the current, the same type, the same specifications fuse melt, the material to the same, geometric size to the same, the resistance value as small as possible and to be consistent, the most important is the fuse characteristics to be consistent, household fuses commonly used lead Two is the electrode part, usually has two, it is the melt and the circuit connection important component, it must have good conductivity, should not produce obvious installation contact resistance; The third is the bracket part, the fuse is generally thin and soft, the role of the stent is to fix the melt and make three parts become rigid overall easy to install, use, It must have good mechanical strength, insulation, heat resistance and flame-retardant, in use should not produce fracture, deformation, combustion and short-circuit phenomena.

Arc extinguishing device

Fuses used in power circuits and high-power equipment, there are not only three parts of general fuse, but also arc extinguishing device, because this kind of fuse protects the circuit not only the working current is larger, and when the melt occurs when the voltage at both ends of the fuse is also very high, often will appear melts has melted (fuses) even has vaporized, But the current is not cut off, the reason is that in the moment of the fuse in the voltage and current, the fuse between the two electrodes pull arc phenomenon. This arc-extinguishing device must have strong insulation and good thermal conductivity, and is negatively charged. Quartz sand is a commonly used arc-extinguishing material.

Fuse Device

In addition, there are some fuses fuse indicator device, its role is when the fuse action (fuse) after its own occurrence of a certain appearance changes, easy to be found by maintenance personnel, such as: light-emitting, discoloration, pop-up solid indicator.

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