What Is The Role Of High Voltage Fuses? What Are The Common Fuses?

- Feb 02, 2018 -

Fuse is the most simple and commonly used protection of electrical appliances, its role is to pass the current over the specified value and after a certain amount of time after the melt (fuse or melt) melted and divided power flow, disconnect the circuit, in the circuit to play an overload and short-circuit protection.

In the transmission and distribution system, the High-voltage fuse is widely used as the short-circuit and overload protection of electrical equipment such as high-voltage transmission and distribution line, power transformer, voltage transformer and power capacitor. Indoor wide use of RN series of high-pressure tubular limited-current fuse, outdoor is widely used RW4, rw10f and other models of high-pressure down-open fuse or rw10-35-type high-voltage current-limiting fuse.

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